I’m Moving!

Exciting times here at Allgood Therapeutic Massage! For the last 4 years, I’ve been working out of Park Bench Chiropractic and think the world of Dr Rob and Dr Matt. However, with their practice growing and my practice growing, I’ve found that I need to “take it to the next level.” So, in November, I’m… Continue Reading

Random Summer Thoughts

It’s close to the end of August and I want to share random thoughts on summer. Fresh produce is probably the top of my list. There’s something particularly special about a fresh tomato either straight from the garden or the farmers’ market. People tend to have a more relaxed attitude. I don’t know if it’s… Continue Reading

Spring Allergies

I have been married to my husband now for 10 years last week. Every spring, when I love to enjoy the beautiful weather and have the windows open, I’ve been forced to keep them closed due my husband’s severe allergies. Some years are worse than others. Most years, he looks something like this: Actually, he… Continue Reading

Getting Muddy

I’m excited to announce that on April 18th, I will be at the Mud Dog Run in Frederick, MD, doing seated massages. I don’t know if any of the runner participants will want to sit in my chair after getting muddy, but I’ll be there regardless! Since the seated massages I’ve done up until now… Continue Reading


I’m so glad to see spring’s arrival, with at least a few days of warmer temperatures, the reminder that winter does not, in fact, go on forever. I’m sure many people in the mid-Atlantic and New England area can agree with me, except those that really like the cold and snow. Weirdos. (Of course I… Continue Reading