Although this past winter hasn’t been terrible (with the exception of a three foot blizzard), I’m always glad to see spring. And the last few days have been beautiful, even with a few passing showers. Spring also means new life, maybe updating a few things. There is something I’d like really like to update with my practice – my website – and my web presence in general.

I have recently watched a TED talk based on the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I watched the TED talk because a reviewer on Amazon said that you can get the same information from the TED talk and that the book is repetitive. It’s always great to read the reviews. It saved me a few bucks, and he gave a great talk. I have to say and it’s gotten me to realize that maybe I have been taking a less effective approach to others understanding my massage practice and wanting to book an appointment with me.

So why do I do what I do? I’m surprised I haven’t written about this before.

Between late 2007 and early 2010, between my husband and myself, we lost my father, his mother and father, and my 18-year-long-term-steady-well-paying job. To say I was a bit heart-broken and depressed would be very accurate. In late February 2010, after all this heart-ache, my husband, me, and a few friends took a week off to the warmer climate of Florida to rest, refuel, and maybe start the fog lifting off all the losses we had endured.

As I sometimes do, I got a massage while on vacation. It was the best massage I had ever had…despite nearly crying on the table.

I felt amazing and fabulous. Because of the way I felt getting off the table, my exact words to my husband were, “I want to help other people feel this good.”

Six weeks later, I was in massage school.

So, my friends, why do I do what I do? It’s because I want my clients to feel as good as they possibly can after getting up off my table.

My plan is to really start getting the message of my desire to help people feel better so I can help more people. And to that I say, Happy Spring!