It’s close to the end of August and I want to share random thoughts on summer.

Fresh produce is probably the top of my list. There’s something particularly special about a fresh tomato either straight from the garden or the farmers’ market.

People tend to have a more relaxed attitude. I don’t know if it’s because most people go on vacation and they’ve actually gotten some relaxation or other people in their work are more chilled out. I don’t know, but it’s nice when people aren’t rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off. It’s also a great time for people to relax enough to think about getting a massage.

Summer concerts and outside activities around town also help create that relaxed attitude. My town of Frederick has a Thursday happy hour every week, Friday night movies on the creek, a summer concert series every Sunday, and a host of other things I’m not even sure of.

I’m looking forward to vacation in a couple weeks. Because we don’t have kids and don’t have to worry about their being in school, we tend to go on our beach vacation around the first to the middle of September – oddly enough – around my birthday. 🙂 It’s still hot enough to enjoy the ocean or the pool, but not as crowded and the lodging is much more affordable than in the prime season. Dinghy DockUnfortunately, that means I have to look at other people’s beach vacation pictures all summer with envious longing. Until then, I’ll just think about our beach vacation from last year with this photo of my husband (imitating my late father) at the Dinghy Dock in Ocracoke, NC.

I hope your summer has been fantastic!