I have been married to my husband now for 10 years last week. Every spring, when I love to enjoy the beautiful weather and have the windows open, I’ve been forced to keep them closed due my husband’s severe allergies. Some years are worse than others. Most years, he looks something like this:
Actually, he looks a little worse, as he is a snot factory and his eyes are red and watery, despite the goggles that he wears to keep the pollen from getting in his eyes.
Last year or the year before, we heard about Arbonne’s balancing cream and that one of the things it is purported to do is help with allergies. We noticed it helping some last year, but still ended up with some itchy eyes and sinus issues.
This year, I saw him wearing his goggles once – only once. There haven’t been really any hints of red eyes, and he has let go of his handkerchief that had been a mucus-catchall for the last few springs. (sorry to be gross, but that’s what it is)

What’s different?
In addition to using the balancing cream from Arbonne, I also mixed up a potion for him in a spray bottle that he sprays on himself, close
to his face and neck area. I’m not saying this is what has done the trick of relieving his allergies, but he just hasn’t had the problems this year as in the years past.

But what’s in the spray bottle?
If it got anymore simple, it’d be embarrassing.
First off, the spray bottle would be legal on a carry-on bag for a flight. It’s about a 3 oz bottle. I put in about 5-7 drops each of peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree essential oils. I think I also included either lemon, orange, and/or grapefruit oils. I say I think because I honestly didn’t write that down. The really important ones are the peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils.
To that hippie concoction, I added about a half ounce of vodka – just to keep it stable, not to drink. Then I filled the bottle up with water. Distilled, if I have it. Tap water if I don’t. That’s why I use the vodka.
Like I said, I’m not saying this is what did it. I’m not prescribing it for anybody. Essential oils are greatly powerful, and with great power comes great responsibility.
If you’re looking to add essential oils to your medicine cabinet, I suggest these three as they are my trifecta for sinus issues.