I wanted to share one of the sweetest testimonial from one of my clients that she posted on facebook. I’m so glad I was able to help her, but also to share that sometimes a massage session can help with just more than working out the knots.

So this past week has been rough with migraines. Tuesday was my only pain free day. Since Wednesday I’d had a migraine, and I was going through the week doing the bare bones of what needed to be done.
Yesterday morning one of my FB friends Leah Coulliette dm’d me and asked if I’d ever tried cranial fascia therapy (also called cranial sacral therapy). (I had never heard of it). I googled it, and thought I’d try it.
I had a previously scheduled appointment for yesterday afternoon with my massage therapist, Stacy Allgood Smith. She’s been working on me fairly regularly (in other words as often as I can afford since my insurance doesn’t cover), and has helped a lot with migraine frequency, but also with my plantar fasciitis in my feet. I now can get up in the mornings without so much pain in my feet that I have to crawl to the bathroom. I can now walk thousands of steps in a day before my feet hurt. Again, so much progress.
So yesterday, I asked Stacy if she had ever heard of this therapy. Not only had she been trained in the basic principles, yesterday she incorporated them into my session. As she was using that technique on my head (it is not like her normal massage work on my head, it felt more like she was just holding my head, just making subtle changes), I literally felt my migraine draining out. That’s the best verbiage—not the normal fading away that medication brings…but a draining out. Later she told me she was working to shift the fluid into a more balanced flow (she said it was super heavy flow on my left side—coincidentally the side I always get migraines on); I’m convinced her balancing that flow was the same moment my migraine drained away.
What I do know is that after a week of taking pills to mask the migraine, one hour on Stacy’s table eliminated my pain. Alternative medicine is so often effective where conventional medicine fails. I’m so thankful that I have options. And so thankful for Leah reaching out and thinking about me.
I went to bed pain free and woke up pain free, and that is a gift—never something I take for granted.