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Stoopid COVID-19

I know we have to social distance ourselves and in the State of Maryland, essential businesses must close, but doesn’t mean I have to like it!

As soon as I am able to safely get back to seeing people on my table or in my chair, you betta believe I will be happy to see ya!

Also, did you know you can prepay for your massage? Go to the gift certificates link here on my website!

Until then, don’t forget about me!!!

Wellnes Wagon Eye Opener

Frederick County Public Schools, as an employer, has a wellness program for its employees and one of those offerings is called “Wellness Wagons” where each school is offered to have 2 massage therapists, a rep from HR, and a rep from their insurance carrier come in during a lunchtime (or other convenient time for the… Continue Reading

Longwood Gardens

My sister has been trying to get me to go to Longwood Gardens. When I say “trying to get me to go”…I┬ámean…HOUNDING!!!!! My response has traditionally been, “yeah….look at a bunch of flowers…um…no thanks.” This has been going on for years! Years, I tell ya! This past Monday, she had taken the day off work… Continue Reading