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Stoopid COVID-19

I know we have to social distance ourselves and in the State of Maryland, essential businesses must close, but doesn’t mean I have to like it!

As soon as I am able to safely get back to seeing people on my table or in my chair, you betta believe I will be happy to see ya!

Also, did you know you can prepay for your massage? Go to the gift certificates link here on my website!

Until then, don’t forget about me!!!


I’m so glad to see spring’s arrival, with at least a few days of warmer temperatures, the reminder that winter does not, in fact, go on forever. I’m sure many people in the mid-Atlantic and New England area can agree with me, except those that really like the cold and snow. Weirdos. (Of course I… Continue Reading

What is the Intake Form?

When you arrive at a spa or other office to receive a massage, you are asked to complete a form asking all sorts of questions, from medical to what you do during your job. If you’re new to massage, or you don’t get them often, you may wonder, “Why all of this for some relaxtion?”… Continue Reading