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Getting Muddy

I’m excited to announce that on April 18th, I will be at the Mud Dog Run in Frederick, MD, doing seated massages. I don’t know if any of the runner participants will want to sit in my chair after getting muddy, but I’ll be there regardless! Since the seated massages I’ve done up until now… Continue Reading

Longwood Gardens

My sister has been trying to get me to go to Longwood Gardens. When I say “trying to get me to go”…I┬ámean…HOUNDING!!!!! My response has traditionally been, “yeah….look at a bunch of flowers…um…no thanks.” This has been going on for years! Years, I tell ya! This past Monday, she had taken the day off work… Continue Reading

Continuing With Lomi Lomi?

When I graduated from massage school, I thought I would be done with school for awhile. After learning more about the human body’s anatomy and pathology, I was pretty well done with school. Well,┬ábarely a year later, here I find myself in another class. In addition to the requirement for the state, it’s always advantagious… Continue Reading